About Us

Hello All! My name is Kyle Copeland and this is my shop. Formerly known as the "1810 House Antique Barn", I took over and renamed the buisness "Wolfeboro Antiques & Artisan Barn" in 2017 from the previous owner, Connie O'Brien. The property was sold by Connie in January of 2017 to Heidi Cogean. Heidi now runs the 1810 House B&B and opened the Winnipesaukee Winery in August of 2017. Currently, Wolfeboro Antiques & Artisan Barn and the Winnipesaukee Winery share the space in our huge 1760's dairy barn. 

My team has a wealth of knowledge on antique and vintage items and a flair for how best to decorate and/or stage using these items. Please come in and see us - we enjoy sharing our love of antiquities in the perfect backdrop for a New England antique shop! 

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