We do accept certain items on consignment but due to space limitations, we need to be very selective. When an item is taken on consignment, we do our best to advertise and merchandise the item in an effort to sell it as quickly as possible. In this arrangement, the risk is on the shop if the item does not sell, as space was taken up for a period of time with no financial reward for the shop. This is why we take a 30% commission from the final sales price, after any applicable credit card fees and the consignor receives the other 70%. 

Consignments are only reviewed and potentially accepted with proper notice. Potential consignors are asked to utilize the "Contact Us" link to email photos and a description of any and all items up for consignment. Potential consignors should also have an idea what they would like to end up with after the sale so we can mutually agree on the pricing plan. 

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